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Join us as we celebrate

the life and ministry of

Steve Baxter

On Sept. 14th, 2016 at 10:29 p.m., Stephen Gordon Baxter (57), went home to be with his Lord and Saviour following a brief illness. Steve was son to Rev. Ron and Glenys Baxter and brother to Anne Cook and Caroline Gordon (Warren). Steve will be terribly missed by his nieces and nephews: Amanda and Jeff Cook, Stephanie and Mike Gordon, Emma, Sarah, and Anna Solomon. Steve’s biggest pride and joy was his family. Steve was married to Pamela for 33 years during which time he demonstrated in so many ways how much he loved and adored her. He also was the most amazing, attentive and loving father to Erin (Andrew) and Heather who all thought of him as their hero, their rock, their support and their biggest fan. Anyone that met Steve knew that he was a man of great character. He was sincere, kind, generous, compassionate, caring and patient. He always looked for the good in people and never missed an opportunity to encourage and mentor those he cared about. He loved God with all of his heart and sought to please him in every aspect of his life. Steve was a unique individual who demonstrated Christlikeness wherever he went and wanted so badly to share the love of Christ with everyone he came into contact with. Steve was able to make everyone feel loved, listened to, and accepted and for that we will always say ‘thank you’. Steve was not just an amazing father, uncle, son and brother, but he was also a shepherd to his congregation. Over the years, Steve served in several churches and loved everyone that came through the doors. You could never avoid his outstretched arm on your way in or out of the church. He loved to have the children give a high five on their way out. It was just Steve’s ability to connect with so many generations in a personal way that made him so dear to so many. Our hearts are so heavy with the loss of this amazing human being, this amazing man, phenomenal father and our humble hero!  We love you Steve and your legacy will live on in those you invested in and those you impacted!

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